I found my truth!

About LGBT matters I didn’t really have an opinion one way or the other until recently.

I always believed in separation of church and state.  I knew I believed there is such a thing as civil marriage and religious marriage.  So, I didn’t question my faith because it didn’t affect me.

I always believed if one of my children were gay I would love them and support them openly and cross that bridge when we came to it, If we ever came to it.

I never imagined I would be called to support my best friend and her transitioning husband. ( male to female)

It’s unfathomable to me not to be supportive.  I support families staying together and I support people being honest with themselves and others. That’s what our church teaches, right?

Above all I support people being happy and peaceful and being authentic.

I believe in the teaching: “Do no harm to yourself or others”

I had to question my whole LDS belief system. Is this the kind of church I want to raise my kids in?

Is this the kind of church I feel comfortable in? Why can’t I walk away from it??

I prayed about it and the Lord has answered my prayers.

I have to stay in this church because this church is being called to change and I am called to be a part of it, and if you are reading this you are being called to be a part of it.

The Lord wants all of his children all of our brothers and sisters and we have to speak up for them and make them feel welcome. Not shame them or call them to repentance for who they are at the core of their being. Telling them to repent of their gayness is like saying they themselves are the sin.

My best friends’ husband came out to her this year and I have been blessed to be a part of their journey.

Its been a long year. She didn’t expect this, but they were headed for divorce if something didn’t change.

That’s when the truth started to come out, little by little.  She has struggled to accept this, but knows now it had to happen. A person can live a lie for only so long.

Tommy is now Tara and now Jackie and Tara are in what’s considered a lesbian relationship.

They are happier than ever.

When I met Tommy he was nice but distant, didn’t socialize much other talk about music or football.

I usually connect with people easily. I thought maybe he didn’t like me because I was spending so much time with his wife.

Turns out he was keeping this secret that prevented him from connecting with anyone.

When I met Tara for the first time it brought tears to my eyes. She was so beautiful!

I could see and feel her soul. I connected!

Naturally I want to share the gospel with them. I want them to partake of the beautiful church I have the pleasure of being a part of. But now what? Our church culture doesn’t understand these people.

It’s time to evolve. It’s time to change our church culture.

I became an Ally. I found my authentic self. Tara forced me to look inside myself. I couldn’t deny that this was real. These people exist and we need to open our hearts and embrace them.

That is what Jesus is about.  Preach his gospel “Love one another as I have loved you”

Our society and our church is being called to acknowledge the fact that we are as different as all colors of the rainbow and it is all those colors sitting next to one another that makes a rainbow beautiful.

Jesus is my favorite hippie!! And Joanna Brooks!

Oh where to begin! I have so much to say!
I started this journey a year ago.
Questioning my beliefs, discovering MY beliefs, reconciling my beliefs with my church.
Search, ponder, pray. Seek and ye shall find !!
I am so blessed!
We are blessed !!
I love God
I love my church!!
I love my people !!
I am not articulate.
In my searching I found my place.
The stars all align and Gods miracles are bountiful!
I am only just beginning to see the beauty of my potential.
Look up Joanna Brooks …she has inspired me and validated me
And the Lord has guided me to her !!
Thank you!

Lesson 110 from Merging with Siva

Lesson 110 from Merging with Siva

We Always Have a Choice

Awareness of perfection is attained by sitting down and arriving at the state of expanded cosmic consciousness inside yourself. It’s there only to be discovered. You can do that in nine minutes, nine hours, nine days or nine years. Take as long as you like. The fact remains that deep inside you is perfection. So, you see, you have a choice. You can remain in the valley, live in fear of the stormy ocean of life and death, or you can scale the nearby mountain and see from the top how it is from that perspective. Either way, you and everyone in the world are all right in the now.

The mystic lives within himself and deals positively with the events and forces outside himself. He is always consciously striving to realize that limitless Reality within him. That is his practice. Yet, he welcomes the challenges of the world, not as a karma forced upon him against his will but as his own self-created dharma. If he is really a mystic, he doesn’t run away from these challenges. He inwardly knows that life’s daily difficulties bring forth his inner strength in response to them. He sees the underlying purpose of life. He accepts and doesn’t reject. He searches for understanding, for the lesson that lies behind each experience instead of resenting the experience, which then creates another subconscious barrier for him. He knows that most problems are with man and the way he looks at things. So, the mystic doesn’t need to retreat from the world.

The same process continues regardless of where he goes. He can be as peaceful or as disturbed in New York City as in a secluded Himalayan valley. It all depends on what goes on within him. Nor should he be emotionally concerned with the problems of the world in which he finds himself. A concert sitarist is doing himself and his fellow man no good by saying, “How can I play so beautifully when everyone else plays so poorly?” Similarly, the mystic cannot take the attitude, “How can I be peaceful and content when the world is in such a mess?” We need beautiful music and we need beautiful, peaceful beings.

Actually, the mystic sees the world as a conglomerate of adjusting forces, and through this perspective he is not emotionally involved in these forces. The world is a mirror of ourselves and is perfectly all right to the man who is content within himself. But you have to find this out for yourself, because unless you experience it, nothing I say will convince you that everything you have been through and are going through is wonderful and a fulfillment of the great pattern of your life.

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Prayer and meditation

From: Kauai’s Hindu Monastery

The best thing to do when you begin meditation is to live in a good environment, among good people. Meditate alone and don’t talk about it to anyone except the person who is helping you on the path. Do it inconspicuously, privately. It’s an inner process, so it should be performed alone. Then only inner things will happen to you, and your outer life will become better and better and better. You’ll get into a blissful flow with life–a perfect timing in your outer life. You will find yourself standing in the right place at the right time, every day. You will be in the energy flow with life, guided by your intuition. All the wonderful things that you should be experiencing on this planet will begin to come to you.

By changing yourself, you don’t necessarily outwardly alter world events. But you do find where the world is and that it is functioning just as it should be, in a perfect balance of adjusting forces. From his position at the pinnacle of

From the Bible: Matthew 6:6

6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

Priest or Priestess ??

What is my opinion on the women priesthood ordain thing …??

Do I feel the need to hold office of priestess??
No, thank you!!

Am I of lesser value or weaker or unequal to men in our church ?? Absolutely not!!

Do I think that sister Kelly should have been excommunicated ??
Yes and No

Do I think that one day women will be ordained priestesses in the church ??
Yes, probably ….

There were prophetess’
In the bible, why not again?

Because then we’ll turn into a matriarchal society and that’s just blasphemous !!

Now that’s going to far !!
Or is it ???

Can I be both?

There are So many aspects to all of us.
So many parts of our consciences.
And sub consciences ..
Layers upon layers
Years of layers
Experiences upon experiences
Line upon line , precept upon precept
My beliefs are ever changing
Always to serve my highest self
Wherever that may be.
Whatever that may be.
Be whatever you are being
Be free. Be moral. Be kind. Be love.
Nurture you spirit, care for it gently.
The answer is Yes! Yes!